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Chocolate Brownie Sludge

It isn’t fudge

And it isn’t brownie batter.

I call it “Brownie Sludge” because it is a cross between the two.

dscn1241I invented it one day in my kitchen because my kids always beg to taste my brownie batter. But I never want to feed them raw eggs, so I started giving them the brownie batter *before* adding the eggs.

 The consistency of brownie batter before eggs is thick, rich, and fudgy! Soon my husband and I were scooping this stuff out with our fingers, then moving on to very large spoons.


When I’m dieting, I make it from boxed brownie mix by omitting the eggs and the oil and just adding the water called for on the back of the box. This quasi-diet sludge is even thicker!

The next time you make brownies, give it a try, and I guarantee your batter won’t make it into the oven, either! 🙂


How to Bake When the Power Goes Out

I’ve already mentioned that I like to grind my own wheat

hand-grinderBut inaddition to my Nutrimill Electric grinder, I also bought a hand-powered grinder to grind my daily wheat when the power goes out (I live in the arctic–it happens every winter at least once!). But  I often wonder: once I grind my wheat, how will I bake bread without power?? Sure, I could make tortillas on my grill, but I want BREAD, too!

Today I learned how! I can bake Italian Torta al Testo bread on my barbecue grill, or even in the fireplace! For the recipe, click here!

Feeling Naughty?

Like I said, I’m a whole-grain health nut, but every once in a while–when I’m feeling naughty–I make decadent treats like these!

Afterwards, I always repent during my “food hangover,” and go back to making HEALTHY TREATS like these!

Healthy Muffin Recipes for Moms

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