SOFT Homemade Wheat Bread

wheat-breadProblem: we all love whole wheat bread and know that it is healthiest if homemade, but too many homemade whole-wheat loaves look, taste, and feel like bricks!

The Amish have always known the secret: to make a soft whole wheat loaf, you have to use more oil and more sugar. The sugar activates the yeast and makes the dough rise higher, and the oil keeps the bread soft (baguettes, on the other hand, use very little oil). Health nuts who worry about added fat and sugar should weigh the benefits of getting kids to eat whole grain breads that taste good versus kids refusing to eat rock-hard bread that is healthier! 🙂

Also, this recipe requires you to let the dough rise twice, rather than adding processed gluten. Bread manufacturers routinely dump tons of processed gluten into their dough instead of waiting for it to rise (the gluten–aka GLUE–makes the dough go POOF almost instantly) which can cause migraines or make children sensitive even allergic to wheat. But wheat kernels have natural, healthy gluten in them already; you jsut have to let it rise twice for the gluten to “awaken.”

Here’s my recipe:

Super-Soft 100% Whole Wheat Bread (4 loaves)

4 cups warm water

1 and 1/3 cups sugar

3 tablespoons yeast

*Combine these ingredients in the bowl of a Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine. Pulse to mix, then let sit for a few minutes until foamy. Then add:

1/2 cup canola oil

2 tablespoons lemon juice (can substitute dough enhancer or lecithin)

12 cups fresh-ground flour

3 teaspoons salt

*Let the Bosch knead all ingredients together for about ten minutes, then place resulting dough into a large bowl, coated with canola cooking spray. Cover with a light dish towel or plastic wrap and place in a warm location. Let it rise until double (30 min-hour depending on room temp), then punch down and let it rise a second time. Then punch the dough down again and shape into four loaves. Let those loaves rise again, then bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes.


11 responses

  1. I needed this recipe. Thank you!

  2. Your bread is just beautiful! I appreciate hearing about the Amish secrets, too. I do tend to put more oil in my bread and love the results!

    Love, Wardeh
    from GNOWFGLINS™

  3. I made this bread today. I only had one problem and it was my own fault. I decided to let it go through two rising stages before I formed it and put it in the pans. It didn’t rise up big like I wanted it to, but still great tasting and still soft, which I liked!

  4. I made this bread again and only let it go through one rising before I formed it and it turned out wonderful!

  5. Can you divide this to a smaller quanitity at the end? I just want to make one loaf at a time. Can you please help? I have tried to make two different recipes with both results being cardboard or bricks.

    Thank you,
    Susan Sexton

    1. OrganicSchool | Reply

      Susan–just divide this by four and you can make one loaf at a time, sure!
      If your loaves are turning into bricks, you either have the wrong flour to water ratio (remember, the 12 cups I call for are fresh ground, which is airy and much less dense than flour in a package from the store!) or your yeast didn’t get fed enough sugar and moisture to really push that wheat up into the sky! The bread pictured here is %100 whole wheat, but I have to really baby it to get it to rise–I let it sponge first, then I let it rise three times. The result is always a super-soft loaf! So when you are making your dough, make sure it stays warm, and that it is always slightly sticky (but not so sticky that it sticks to your finger. Think tacky). But sponging is the key, so try this recipe and let me know if it works for you! 🙂

      1. What does sponging mean? I’ve spent the better part of two months really working on my bread-baking skills. I pretty much figured out ‘high-gluten’ white bread, but I really miss my wheat bread. I really have no idea where to get wheat and grind it myself, and the store-bought white wheat I tried before tasted awful (think how play-dough smells). Is there any hope for my wheat bread?

  6. […] solution? Bake your own bread and learn to eat mother nature’s healthier version of gluten! This entry was posted […]

  7. Oh my gosh!!! Will someone please help me!? This bread looks awesome and I tried making it and for whatever reason I cannot get my bread to rise in the oven. It rises after every rest time but I cannot get it to rise in the oven. I have been making my own bread for a little over a year now and almost always have this problem with every recipe I try. What am I doing wrong??

  8. Pls wats the receipe to your 100 percent whole wheat bresd

    1. Sorry abt d question. Is d yeast active or instant. What size of pan.

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